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Red Velvet Cake Fresh From Our Bakery

Stories of Mermaids have been told for thousands of years. The beauty of these creatures is unsurpassed and the tales are mystical and fanciful. Once you understand it’s rarity and you experience a real mermaid, there is no denying the tale. Otherwise you may wonder what all of the fuss is about . . .

. . . and so begins the tale of our Mermaids. The originals existed on Captiva Island a few years ago and were enjoyed by many travelers. Since Captiva and Sanibel are so close, it was only a matter of time for them to find their way to our little piece of paradise. For years, people have come from all over the world and enjoyed the sweetness of these Mermaids. But almost as quickly as they arrived on Sanibel – they faded from view. When they disappeared there was a void that many tried to fill with substitutes, but their rich sweetness could not be matched.

We are proud to present the original Mermaid Cakes. Known for unsurpassed quality, richness and flavor with no artificial colors or flavors.

Exclusively at Bailey’s Sanibel Bakery

The Mermaid Cakes are available in our Sanibel bakery department by the slice or a full cake, so what ever your special occasion is – we can help you bring it to a “Sweet” conclusion.

We can easily ship our Mermaid Cakes directly to your doorstep for that special occasion or whenever you want to enjoy your favorite. Our cakes are shipped overnight, frozen and packaged in an insulated container with a cold pack so you are sure to receive the freshest product available. Just thaw, cut, serve and . . . dive in! Click Here to Order Online →

Orange Crunch

Sanibel Bakery - Orange Mermaid CakeOur Orange Crunch Mermaid Cake will be the hit of your celebration. This delectable yellow cake has a splash of Grand Marnier and fresh orange. Brown sugar and almond crunch is between the layers and then it is topped with our orange cream cheese icing and fresh sliced oranges. Your palate will be pleased!

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Bailey Brothers Coconut

Sanibel Bakery - Coconut Mermaid CakeOur Bailey Brothers Coconut cake is sure to become your family favorite. This delectable white chocolate cake is covered with whipped cream frosting and smothered with shaved white chocolate on the top and sweet coconut all around. Mmmmm!

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Midnight Mermaid

Our Midnight Mermaid Cake is sinfully rich, sweet and chocolate! This delightful dark chocolate cake is frosted with a rich chocolate fudge icing with a surprise. Hidden in the rich fudge icing are mini flavor bursts of a buttery toffee heath bar. Wow your palate and satisfy the chocoholic hidden within.

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Carrot Mermaid Cake

Sanibel Bakery - Carrot Mermaid CakeNo leftovers guaranteed with our Carrot Mermaid Cake. Your family and friends will love this old-fashioned spice cake, blended with sweet carrots, raisins and pineapple. Creamy cream cheese icing and crunchy walnuts crown this culinary masterpiece.

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Red Velvet Cake

Sanibel Bakery - Red Velvet CakeOur Red Velvet Mermaid Cake should be a staple in all party planning. This delicious old fashioned buttermilk and cocoa based cake is frosted with our cream cheese and pecan icing. Can it really be this good?

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Oreo Mermaid Cake

Sanibel Bakery - Oreo CakeA multi-layered Oreo cake baked fresh in our Sanibel Island bakery. Need we say more?

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