Whether you stop by to grab a donut or have a family gathering for 80 and want to serve a dessert that guests will be talking about for months, our Sanibel Island bakery proudly makes any event a festive occasion. The balanced century-tested selection of breads, pastries and baked goodies our Sanibel Island bakery experts put together daily will make everyone happy!

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Breads, Bagels, Rolls & Baguettes

Sanibel Island bakery breadAs you travel through our Bailey’s General Store, you may come across a delightful, irresistible aroma. It’s the smell of fresh breads, bagels, rolls & baguettes baked daily. When you toss that baguette into your basket, or wrap up those bagels, they are straight from a cooling rack fresh out of the oven baked on premises of our Sanibel Island Bakery. They may even still be warm.


Sanibel Island bakery pastriesWhen it comes to the right day start we got you covered. Our handcrafted donuts are known for being among the best on Sanibel Island – we might as well say they are among the best in the world.


Sanibel Island bakery chocolate walnut fudgeLet our homemade fudge take you back to the time when you were a kid. Choose from good old-fashioned flavors like Chocolate Walnut, Milk Chocolate, Vanilla and Chocolate Peanut Butter.

Along with these, try the Chocolate Heath Caramel, Snowy Road, trendy Tiger Butter, Watermelon, Strawberry Margarita, Pina Colada, Banana Nut, Orange Dreamsicle Vanilla Chocolate, seasonal Pumpkin Fudge, and skinny Sucrose-Free Vanilla & Sucrose-Free Chocolate.


Sanibel Island bakery pastryOur pastries are baked daily from our original recipe using the highest quality ingredients such as real sugar, a hint of cinnamon & delicious berries. Cream horns, glazed twist, crisps, apple sticks and assorted filled croissants will always make your day.


Sanibel Island bakery muffinWhether sweet or savory — our double chocolate, banana nut, apple cinnamon or cappuccino muffins are perfect for breakfast, snacks, or even dessert.


Sanibel Island bakery cookiesOur old-fashioned chocolate chip cookies, lemon white chocolate cookies, chocolate chunk cookies, sugar cookies, peanut butter cookies, and kids’ favorite black & white cookies are fresh-from-the-oven.
We share our Sanibel Island Bakery cookie recipes for a better, familiar flavor.

Specialty Cakes

Sanibel Island bakery cakesOur cakes are made from scratch using top-quality ingredients.

Red Velvet Cake

– Old fashioned butter milk, and cocoa based cake with cream cheese icing and a hint of toasted pecans. Click here to order your Red Velvet Cake now.

Chocolate Lovin’ Cake

– Rich dark chocolate cake with a chocolate pudding mousse. Click here to order your Chocolate Lovin’ cake now.

Oreo Cake

– White cake mixed with fresh Oreo cookies and topped with a light & fluffy icing dusted with Oreos. Click here to order your Oreo Cake now.

Mermaid Cakes –
Exclusively at our Sanibel Island bakery!

For years, people have come from all over the world and enjoyed the sweetness of Mermaid cakes. They are available in our Sanibel Island bakery by the slice or full cake, so what ever your special occasion is – we can help you bring it to a “Sweet” conclusion.
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Sanibel Island bakery dessertsIndulge in any of these all-time favorite delicious treats from an exquisite tiramisu to decadent brownies for the perfect ending to your meal.
Our Sanibel Island bakery‘s Key Westies, Key Lime Tarts, Tuxedo Bombe & Lemon Bars will be a great finale to your party.


Sanibel Island bakery raspberry cheesecakeGive yourself a little swirl with our made fresh from scratch popular cheesecakes.
Raspberry, Turtle, New York, just to name few, are made using only the highest quality ingredients, which defines its signature taste.


Sanibel Island bakery piesWe proudly present a variety of our savory creations daily for our dear Sanibel Island bakery customers.
Our Apple, Cherry, Pumpkin, Blueberry pies are filled up to the top with fresh fruit. And, you can’t go wrong with the signature Chocolate, Key Lime, and Reese’s peanut butter pies – they’re always a huge hit all year round.

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